What is the remedy?


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By Ron Vrooman
I have heard all the bullshit before. I find damned few that are doing anything right now or correctly now. Besides talk and spread mis and dis information and call each other by titles MR. may I touch you. Judge please speak, Marshall needs a badge, The political correctness makes one want to throw up.
David Schied (sp), Trowbridge, PAG in Portland, Mark in Florida!! Who else is doing something actual that counts? Lots of people.
Where is the clearing house?
Appointing each other judge and marshall and decrying to the land, is not doing anything. You people are leading a Convoy in VW microbus. Sons of Jesus. Some still think there are good muslims. That is an oxymoron in America.
Enforcing a default and going to jail is doing the wrong thing, Shaffer Cox going to jail is a wrong thing, Steve Curry is…

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