Why Should Not Democrats Be Disarmed?

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4f522-judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

I have a good friend whose integrity I highly respect and whose information is always solid. 
He has investigated the known mass murderers, assassins, and gun-violence terrorists in recent years and with one exception—-and it’s a long list—-they were all Democrats. 
Now, it has been a big question in my mind for years why the Democratic Party has been calling for “gun control”, when it is clear that our Constitution requires an active militia and guarantees our right to keep and bear arms—-and it is also apparent that guns are not the problem
I have watched guns for sixty years: rifles, pistols, Uzzis and submachine guns in general, air rifles, AK47s, 911s, 50 mm sniper rifles, elephant guns, shot guns, little bitty two shot Derringers, you name it, I’ve observed them lying on logs, perched on tables, snugged down in gun…

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