(Historic News) Americans Free at Last

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Americans Free at Last – The ties have been permanently broken, so who is picking up the loose ends?

by Anna Von Reitz

In March, the IMF’s governmental services corporation, doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.), went insolvent. It entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy without naming a Successor to its Contract. This left the “federal” side of the Constitution vacant and flapping in the wind.

The intention of the perpetrators is obvious. They mean to void the Constitution once and for all.

So, what to do?

We had already delivered Due Process to the IMF, dba UNITED STATES and its franchises, resulting in a proper Judgment of Commercial and Administrative Default.

We had already entered a properly constructed claim in commerce to claim back all the assets naturally belonging to the American people.

We formed an alliance with the Lakota and the Athabasca nations, two of the largest Native…

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