This is the BIG one.

Yes, of course it will stir up all kinds of reactions at first. I have decided just to play the actor. Knowing rather than believing all of the lies are finally pouring out. The walls are coming down!

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Everything else is a distraction from this fundamental Truth. I’m surprised so many are unable to grasp the implications and magnitude of this most dreadful lie. Our Earth is at the very HEART/ CENTER of Creation. If you contemplate this for a moment, you will realize that it changes everything! The Earth being fixed/ motionless/ horizontal/ level (just as it appears to our senses) is not ‘theory’ but fact (regardless of our beliefs, or faith in Pseudoscience)! There is no observable proof of motion and no observable proof of ‘curvature’. The horizon line remains level and straight and aligned to your eye as you ascend, the higher you rise the further you see across the flat Plane. Even at 80,000 ft it is still aligned at 50%! On a spinning globe the ‘horizon’ would fall beneath your line of sight as you rose. The Globe is a ‘legal fiction’…

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