Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Story of the Lion Men…

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Spirit Train Chronicles

And so we continued…There were a few
Moments of awkward silence after Varence
Left…But his words haunted me, I had
To know, I just had to hear the story of
The Lion Men.
“Where did he go?” I asked her
Feeling like a mouse, I had never been alone
With her before, she had such a powerful

“I stopped wondering on such questions
Ages ago,” she sighed calmly. “He’s
Probably taking some secret seat in the
Treetops somewhere watching those boss monkeys
Make deals and lies while they gamble
Lives as they hit sticks across the grassy hills
For hours.”

“What?” I asked with a laugh. “Hit sticks?”

“Yes,” she attested, “They make some
Sport of it, Varence told me. They ride
Around in little vehicles, stopping to
Take turns striking and swatting at the ground
While they gamble world affairs. It had
Some strange name…”

“Golf?” I asked…

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