My Thoughts on Abortion and Marriage.

It sure would stop all the custody of children. Our kids are pawns parents use to extort money from each other. If you can not take care of kids use birth control and stop killing kids. Some of the parents are to stupid to think about saving the lives of even their own kids. Just carve it out of you, right. Nothing but pumpkins having cabbages. Please someone push the button and get this over with!

My Thoughts.

Dear Vince Byrne, Presenter of People’s Internet Radio ( ),

I enjoyed listening to your latest Sunday podcast on prostitution, abortion and the constitution.

These are all issues I take a keen interest in. About halfway through your broadcast, you asked the public to get back to you with alternative thinking on the question of abortion. I write this letter to you to do just that.

My thinking on the abortion issue is that, globally, abortion is never going to be banned. In the Republic of Ireland, we are on the wrong side of history on this issue just like we are on the wrong side of history with regard to the Angelus, a religious institution, broadcast daily on our state broadcaster, RTE. Other jurisdictions with developed economies will not be following our example on these issues. Other states with developed economies don’t almost blanket ban abortion like we…

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Things I Haven’t Shared Before Now

Humor is ALL I HAVE LEFT! Oh, and I am still here and that was supposed to be impossible. I did not die two and a half years ago. WOW!

Spirit Train Chronicles


This is Grizzie and Yermo. They don’t like to share. Yermo likes to eat Grizzie’s food, and Grizzie likes to hiss at her.

I’m afraid they know more about me than you do, because I see them every day.

We were all monks together. Yermo stole food, and Grizzie was mean. I scraped by and managed to catch a human rebirth. I promised them I’d take care of them, and here we all are.

Corrinn is not in the photo, but we worked together too. Now we’re working together again. That’s very cool.

Karma, merit and life are funny like that.

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been busy editing and gathering material for an upcoming book, All About Enlightenment. It may come out in 2015, but The Crew tells me that 2016 will be more auspicious. I’m not sure I can finish editing in 2015, so that…

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