A Note About Disclosure


Spirit Train Chronicles

-Disclosure has been happening with increasing frequency. So far, it is in the form of “airing our dirty laundry”, where hackers are gaining access to personal information that we’d prefer to keep private. This is what Valiant refers to as “being on your best behavior”. This is after all the “realm of reflection”, so anything “naughty” that you are engaging in, or areas of your life that you need to focus on, will be reflected back to you in one way or another. Sometimes this reflection is not that obvious to us. The Ashley Maddison hack is an example of this reflection… and is a more direct example of how this can happen. This is necessary since government officials are often highly regarded, but they are human like anyone else.

-Delete online accounts that are tied to your “dirty laundry” if you have any. Most light-followers have lost the appetite…

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