(Reblog) Mona Lisa, the Alien Girl Apollo 20 Found on the Moon

She Is Alive….WOW

Spirit Train Chronicles

At the center of one of the most controversial conspiracy theory lies the notorious Apollo 20 mission, along with the strange things it found on the far side of the Moon.

In 1972, NASA shut down the Apollo Program. Budget cuts due to money being needed elsewhere and the public losing its interest was the official explanation. But not everyone was convinced this was the truth.

Many conspiracy theorists became convinced the space program continued covertly and that Apollo 18 and 19 found evidence of extraterrestrial presence on the Moon, but Apollo 19 was lost due to a catastrophic collision.

Despite running into problems as well, Apollo 20 succeeded in recovering alien technology as well as a humanoid female in suspended animation.

In 2007, several videos were posted on YouTube by William Rutledge, a man claiming to have been one of the Apollo 20 astronauts.

Initially, he gave few details…

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Pulse…Circumstances Before and After…A Gift…

Thank You!

Spirit Train Chronicles

“Dreamer of dreams, born out of my due time,
Why should I strive to set the crooked straight?
Let it suffice me that my murmuring rhyme
Beats with light wing against the ivory gate,
Telling a tale not too importunate
To those who in the sleepy region stay,
Lulled by the singer of an empty day.”
The Earthly Paradise: Apology – Poem by William Morris

In these days of Strangeness, days of Changes…
Every day feels oddly haunted by Deja Vue.
Maybe it’s because the world just feels crazy.
Things out of control…
It’s so insane, it’s so common to hear about chaos
That it almost feels normal…
But that can blind you into not seeing
How wrong things are.
All these events that should have wrecked
Havoc in our reality were altered to
Suit Big Brothers’ needs by their playing with time…
They’re all coming true now.
It’s like…

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First Wave of Ascension is Near ~ You Are Probably a Part of It

Matt Kahn is so good for me!

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

~ What Is Ascension and 5D Consciousness ~

We’re not really going anywhere; we’re just allowing fifth dimensional reality to come alive in our experience.   ~ Matt Kahn

1/3 of the Planet Is Ready

Four Stage Initiation Process

Since this video announcement by Matt Kahn came out in April, 2014, I’ve been waiting and watching for the time to talk about it with my readers.  Now, just in the past few days, I am hearing signs of it and feeling it in my heart.  I want you to first hear this from Matt Kahn, so please watch as much of this video as you have time for.  I think you will want to sit down and WATCH Matt, to see and better feel the humor and Love he radiates.

Meanwhile, observe yourself nonjudgmentally, and I’ll bet you’ll see that you have made many changes toward fifth dimensional beingness.

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Valiant: Knock Knock…of Angels, Aliens and Alchemy…An Age of Prophecy…

Spirit Train Chronicles

“With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.”
…Rudyard Kipling…
…The Gods of the Copybook Headings…

You can feel it now in all things…
Each and every day, night…
The world is changing, faster and faster…
With things of fate, of destiny
Screaming for us to listen…
Prophecy isn’t just a myth anymore…
It’s our reality.
Day by Day we see it coming to pass
In the news, in our private worlds
With family, friends and strangers.
Nothing is as it seems, moods and people change
As easily and unpredictably as the weather…
So volatile at times, it’s scary to greet each day

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The Rock and The Hard Place by Judge Anna


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On Jul 15, 2015, at 8:34 AM, Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

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The Rock and The Hard Place by Judge Anna

In recent days people who are aware of the difference between the Federal United States and the Continental United States have been asking—-what if the Federal United States attacks the Continental United States? They’ve prepared all those FEMA Camps and bought all those rounds of ammo and hired all those commercial mercenaries for a reason, no?

Now that the banks and the lawyers have stolen title to our assets by fraudulent conveyance and the politicians have maxed out our credit, they want to “de-populate” us.

Genocide gets rid of the evidence of their fraud and gets rid of the rightful owners, too, dodges their Social Security liabilities, and collects a million dollars per head in life insurance policies.

By all means, let them and their…

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Kingdom of Hawai’i Blog, 7-6-15… Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin… “TRO Request submitted to Hawaii Court Seeking End to Unconstitutional Restrictions Imposed at Mauna a Wākea”

Thank You for this good news.

Kauilapele's Blog

lanny_sinkin_alii_manao_nui_shield_12[Update just in: From: Lanny Sinkin, Ali’i Mana’o Nui, Kingdom of Hawai’i… I have received notification from the court that a status conference is now scheduled before Judge Derrick Watson at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. I will be returning to Honolulu to participate in person, rather than by telephone. For those in Honolulu wishing to attend, the Federal Court House is located at 300 Ala Moana Boulevard.]

This process was initiated by the Kahuna of the Temple of Lono, and Lanny flew to Honolulu on 7-6-15 to file the pleadings. I have presented this in the same format as the Kingdom of Hawai’i blog.


6-3-15… “Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin… “TRO Request submitted to Hawaii Court Seeking End to Unconstitutional Restrictions Imposed at Mauna a Wākea”

On Thursday, July 2, I received an email informing me that Office of Mauna Kea Management Rangers were allowing those engaged…

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