Valiant: Knock Knock…Secret Societies…Aliens on Earth…and Something Else…

Thank YOU

Spirit Train Chronicles

“To have worked out, to exceed
The Furies, and the Human need,
Is unpredictable, a grace
Of no time, no place.”
…Thomas Blackburn…
…The Unpredictable…

These are the hours, the days…
The World just seems to be whirling
Out of control into chaos, slowly, constantly.
And the people the same…moods, tempers
Flaring…it’s as if virtue and patience
Flew out the window…For some, not all.
But that’s bad enough. These are times that
Test us. Please, the last thing we need is
To turn on each other.
Don’t be the straw that breaks someone’s back.
If you disagree, just walk away.
What may seem like a joke to some,
Could be another’s convictions.
Please respect that.

Like I’ve said before, these times were
Meant to test us, that’s how they see
What we’re made of.
Those with true faith of Heart don’t run,
Not at times like this…
They Smile, Find…

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