Morphological transmutations occur easily at this moment


gaia_energy1Morphological transmutations occur easily at this moment.

Intensities of inner uprisings increase.

Latitudinal excitations permute essentials.

Grand architectural models are shown for all with eyes to see.

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What is Monsanto hiding in secret documents?

Monsanto must DIE

Jon Rappoport's Blog

What is Monsanto hiding in secret documents?

A scientist offers shocking comments.

by Jon Rappoport

April 12, 2015

“Let’s have a federal court where the judge pretends the lawyers for the defense are fully informed about the facts of the case. The plaintiff, a giant corporation, pretends it’s concerned about the safety of the public. The press pretends it’s covering the court case. Activists for the public who live more than a hundred miles away from the courthouse pretend they care about what happens. The overwhelming number of federal employees don’t even know there is a case. The defendants, who are being poisoned by the giant corporation, at one time lived on their land in an undisturbed way—until outsiders, whose descendants now control the court, took away the land by force. Perfect justice, correct? Absolutely no problem.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Two days ago, I reported on a scandal…

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